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Joe is the sweetest senior Cocker Spaniel you will meet. When Joe arrived, he was urinating blood and blood clots! After a day on antibiotics, his urine was free of blood and blood clots. Joe had two different infections in his ears and is high heartworm positive. Joe was so uncomfortable when he arrived. He was constantly scratching. It is nice to see him peacefully slumbering today. Update: Joe crossed the bridge March 28, 2010.


My beloved Harland lost his battle with cancer on April 9, 2010. Rest comfortably my big red friend until we are together once again. 


REMA'S ROAD TO RESCUE When Rema's lifetime owner of 12 years fell in her home, Rema refused to leave her side. For three days Rema never left her fallen owner's side, going without food or fresh water until help finally arrived. Rema's owner was then whisk away in an ambulance and poor Rema waited at the door for her owner to return. For weeks Rhema waited vigilantly at the door while an uncle came daily to offer her food and water. Rema's owner will never return home. Instead she will wait faithfully at the rainbow bridge to be reunited with Rema one day. The family considered putting Rema down but a neighbor stepped in and convinced them to allow her to try to find a home for Rema. Although Margret tied her best to find a loving family for Rema, nobody was willing to take in a senior lady with medical needs. When Pound Pals heard of Rema's plea, they welcomed her with open arms. Rema is on thyroid medication and had hip surgery a few back so she walks with an ocassional limp. 

Update: Rema's hip replacements appear to be wearing out. She seems to have adapted to being weak in her rearend. On 1-26-11, Rema went to the vet and is being treated for pnemonia.  


Update: Rema is an absolute sweetheart. What a joy! This little lady still has plenty of life left in her. She is sweet, loyal and loving. It breaks my heart to think that she would have been euthanized simply because her owner passed away. Please make arrangements for you pets. Mention them in your will, you never know what day will be your last - please do not leave them to be turned over to a shelter or euthanized.