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 Pound Pals Adoption Application & Adoption Agreement

Dogís Name:
Adopterís Name:
Adopterís Address:
Adopterís Phone Number:
Cell Number:
Email Address:
Employment Information:
Spouseís Name:
Do you live in a: House ___ Apartment ___ Mobile___
Do you own or rent:
If you rent are you allowed to have a pet under your lease:
If a pet deposit is required, are you willing to put it up before bringing this animal home:
How long have you lived at this residence:
Do you have a fenced area for the dog:
If yes, what type of area (size):
Will the dog live primarily inside or outside:
Do you have a sturdy dog house for the dog:
Please list all household members and ages:
Do you agree to provide all medical needs for the dog through a licensed vet:
Do you agree to provide fresh food and fresh water daily for the dog you adopt:
We do not allow our rescue dogs to be tied, staked or chained in any manner.
Do you agree NOT to stake, tie or chain this dog:
If you adopt this dog, do you understand that the dog must wear a collar with a current ID tag at all times:
If for ANY reason you cannot keep the dog, do you agree to return the dog to Pound Pals:
Do you agree to phone calls to check on the welfare of the dog:
Do you agree to scheduled home visits to check on the welfare of the dog:
Is anyone in the household allergic to animals:
What other animals do you currently own:
(Please give name, breed, sex and ages)
Are these animals kept inside or outside your home:
Are any of your current animals dog aggressive, toy aggressive or food aggressive:
If a fight breaks out between your animals - do you have a safe and separate area for confinement?
Please describe:
Have you ever had a dog euthanized:
If yes, please give reason:
Have you ever had a dog get run over:
If yes, please explain
Have you ever had a dog get poisoned:
If yes, please explain
If you will be renaming this pet - list new name:
In order to keep paperwork straight we only allow the animal to be renamed once. Do you understand the animal must be listed as ______________ on all future paperwork including vet documents?
Are you willing to allow a scheduled home inspection before placement is made
Please provide a vet reference (include clinic name, address and phone number):
Have you ever been charged with or convicted of animal cruelty or animal neglect:
Has anyone in your household been charged with animal cruelty or animal neglect:
Terms & Conditions for Adoption: (Please Read & Initial)
Pound Pals does not guarantee the health of any animal. The majority of our animals are from shelters. Sometimes animals are carrying diseases that cannot be detected during their stay with us. We encourage all adopters to take their pet to their vet for a complete health check. ______
Pound Pals reserves the right to refuse placement of any animal for ANY reason. ______
I understand that if for ANY reason I am unable to keep my pet, I must return him/her to Pound Pals. __________
I understand and agree that I must not engage this dog or any other dog in dog fighting. ________
I understand that I must provide fresh food, fresh water and sturdy shelter for this dog at all times. _______
I agree NOT to have this dog euthanized unless it is medically needed AND I have exhausted all treatment options AND have obtained a second opinion from a licensed veterinary  ______
I agree NOT to have this dog euthanized for any type behavioral issue. If a serious behavioral issue arises, I understand that I must inform Pound Pals immediately. _______
I understand that Pound Pals has the right to seize the dog if it believes the dog has been abused, neglected or abandoned (this applies for the lifetime of the animal) or I fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this adoption. ______
I agree to provide all medical needs for this dog. ________
I understand that I am not allowed to re-home (give away) my dog. _______
I understand that I may not surrender my dog to any animal shelter. _______
I understand that if my dog is impounded for any reason, I must contact Pound Pals on the day of impound. _________
I understand that if the dog is missing I must contact Pound Pals immediately. ________
I understand that dogs bark, chew, tear up items, can bite and may have house training issues. I agree not to hold Pound Pals liable for any injuries or damages that may arise from this adoption/placement. _______
I certify that the information provided in this application is true and correct and that I agree to all terms and conditions stated. Any breech of this contract authorizes Pound Pals to take immediate possession of the dog.
I understand that Adoption Fees Are Not Refundable. ________
If for any reason this adoption/placement does not work out at any time, I understand that I must notify Pound Pals as soon as I realize there is a problem. I agree to give adequate time for placement arrangements to be made.
I understand that I am not allowed to hit or strike this animal in any manner. _______
I understand that I must not muzzle, chain, stake, tether or bind this animal. ______
I may not kennel or crate this animal for long periods of time. _______
I understand this animal must live in sanitary conditions and that I must not allow him to live in a confined area in his own waste or the waste of any other animal or human. _____
I understand that there are risk involved when deciding to adopt a pet. I am entering into this adoption agreement of my own free will and I agree to assume all responsibility for any losses, damages or liabilities resulting from this agreement. _______
I agree not to allow my children to harass, annoy, irritate or aggravate this dog. I certify that none of my children have harmed any animal. I understand that it is my responsibility to supervise my children while they are interacting with this pet. _______
I understand that this contract remains in effect for the lifetime of the pet. _____
I agree to report address and/or phone number changes to Pound Pals within 30 days. ______
I understand that Pound Pals reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason______
I understand that Pound Pals does not allow cosmetic surgery (ear cropping, tail docking, etc.) _____
I authorize Pound Pals to contact my vet. ______
I understand that I am making a lifetime commitment by choosing to adopt this pet. Pound Pals expects adopters to provide a loving forever home even during times of the pet's illness. If you can no longer provide a safe and loving home, you must return the pet to Pound Pals. _______
Driverís License Number & Issuing State