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A few weeks ago, Pound Pals tried to intervene for an American Pit Bull Terrier in New York named Castle. Below the response from the rescue worker in New York:


i tried to call you back, but it was busy and now i could get no answer--you might have left already.

..unfortunately (i hate to write this) i was too late, we lost him. i'm beyond devastated, bcz i should have lied and called again before 11am and said i had placement, BEFORE i called you, instead of waiting to REALLY get placement, which was a miracle enough, on such short notice.

he went so shortly before i called..i just really feel it like a dagger in my heart.

bcz he only had me to count on and i failed him.

i did not know CASTLE personally yet; but my friends did.

i just wish it would have happened differently bcz it ALMOST worked for him, so i don't understand, if all things happen for a reason, why it had to happen like that. with how rare it is for someone to come through for a pittie 1 hour before he's scheduled to go..

i can only say i'm sorry. all three of those dogs in my post went.

but one, MARCO, which they did let me pull at 9am bcz he is a MILD on their test.

i thank you so much for your generosity.

i know we lose many, for as many as we save, but it never ever gets any easier or less painful, especially once you try for them and a connection is established..

sad,  cristina

Comment from Pound Pals: I know this comes the the heart of a true fellow rescuer because I felt the same pain in my heart. When I make repeated post and pleas for shelter dogs I come to know them - come to care about them - come to love them - and shed tears when I lose one of them.

Only a rescuer knows the late nights, the pleas, the bartering for one more day - the one day that could mean the chance of life for a shelter dog.

Always knowing the task is daunting. Always knowing we will lose more than we will ever be able to save.

Always trouble shooting the events that prevented the rescue - hoping to learn from it to save the next one - always feeling the responsibility - knowing the dog is counting on you and you are all he has - his life depends on your success.

Always asking if you did enough - if you did the best you could possibly do - if there was any stone you left unturned.

It takes a strong heart to be a rescuer - Chistina was 25% successful that day but that 25% sucess rate saved 100% of Marco.

Rest in peace handsome Castle - even as a shelter dog - you left your paw prints on Cristina's heart - bless your pitty heart.