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Saving Senior Shelter Dogs One By One  

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Pound Pals is committed to saving canine lives. We strive to save shelter dogs from being euthanized (killed).

If you can no longer keep your pet, please be a responsible pet owner and find your pet a new loving home. Please do not turn your pet over to a shelter to be killed. Shelters are full. Rescues are full.  majority of dogs ard cats who enter shelters do not make it out alive.

Be careful when offering your pet "free to good home". Bunchers (people who gather large numbers of animals and then sell them to testing facilities) often respond to these type ads.

If you need tips on finding a no kill shelter or finding a home for your pet, please visit our resources page or send us an email. Pound Pals is a rescue not a shelter.  

Our adoption process takes 7-14 days to complete. Pit Bull and senior placements can take longer. An adoption application must be completed, notarized and the original must be returned before processing begins. A home inspection is mandatory before any animal will be placed. We will not schedule a meeting with the pet and the adopter until an application has been received, reviewed and there is a possibility for an actual adoption.

Due to the screening of potential adopters - including the home study, the follow up and the requirement that the pet be returned to us if a problem arises - we do not allow adoptions outside our local service area.

Pound Pals does not walk local shelters and pick the "cherry" dogs - those with the highest degree of adoptability. We take the ones who are left behind - the blind, the aged, the disabled and the ill. Many are in need of lifetime sponsors.

Once a canine reaches the safety of Pound Pals - that pet can rest assured that time will never be an issue again - he/she will never be subject to "time" being up ever again.

Most Public shelters make one day adoptions and are able to offer the most economical adoption fees.

If you are ready to welcome a new pet into your home, please visit your local animal shelter. Pound Pals offers a free vacation certificate to anyone who adopts any animal from any United States Animal Shelter. Simply send a stamped addressed business size envelope with a copy of your adoption receipt to Pound Pals. Please make your request within 60 days of the adoption date.

I often hear people say they "rescued" a dog. They then go on to say that they took it to the pound. Sadly, most animals who enter the pound do not make it out alive. Most are euthanized (killed). Therefore, there has been no rescue. If you choose to intervene for an animal - be prepared to go the distance. You should notify the pounds in your area when you find a dog - give a good detailed description and a picture. This will insure the dog's return to his owner (if they check the pounds in the area). Please do not turn dogs over to shelters that euthanize. Make sure the shelter is 100% No Kill. Most no kill shelters remain full - so you may need to foster the dog until you can get him a space with a no kill rescue group or shelter - there is usually a waiting list. Euthanizing healthy animals is never humane. A dog turned over to a shelter and euthanized is just as dead as a dog killed in traffic.

There is no 'Humane" way to kill a healthy dog

Please take a few minutes to view the dogs we have available for adoption, we may have just who you are looking for!